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Mount RoyalA Mountain to Protect and Discover

Explore the nature, culture and history of Montréal’s beloved mountain with a little help from its friends Les amis de la montagne

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Reopening of Park Services

To better enjoy the benefits of nature in the city, visitors to Mount Royal Park can now access public parking lots and other services.
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Activities in Mount Royal Park in Montréal

Photo : © Les amis de la montagne


Experience this spectacular outdoor setting in a whole new way thanks to unique activities inspired by the seasons. Les amis de la montagne invites both young and old to enjoy this great urban park and learn more about its conservation. Fresh air and fun guaranteed!
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Les amis de la montagne at a Glance

Our Mission: Protect and Improve Mount Royal
Supported by a strong community of heritage and environmental-minded people, our non-profit organization promotes the sustainable enjoyment of this exceptional green space at the heart of our beautiful city.
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Lay of the Land

This iconic Montréal landmark is home to neighbourhoods, pastoral cemeteries and Olmsted’s majestic Mount Royal Park.
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Issues & Challenges

Caring for Mount Royal involves addressing nature conservation, urban development and park use challenges, to name a few.
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Volunteer, make a donation or enjoy one of our charity events… There are many ways to help Mount Royal stay green and healthy.
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La montagne perd un grand ami

July 30, 2020

(In French only)

Montréal, le 30 juillet 2020 – Les amis de la montagne sont peinés d’apprendre le décès de Jean Décarie, gouverneur des Amis de la montagne et lauréat 2006 du Prix du Mont-Royal.
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COVID-19: Gradual Reopening of Services in Mount Royal Park

July 22, 2020

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May 14, 2020


May 14, 2020

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Share your photos of Mount Royal in all its majestic glory!
Photo @oceanwren

Photo @oceanwren 

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Photo @curieuse_urbaine 

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Hikes & Highlights

Discover mountaintop vistas and sights with a guide or on your own, whatever the season.
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Join our team of volunteers who aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty for a good cause.
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Family Time

Parents and children get wild about nature and the great outdoors on Mount Royal.
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